installments payment

Choose the method that suits you to pay the installments on your loans or credit cards!

In order to pay your installments you have various options:

  • Through the internet banking platform myBank, if you also have an another Idea::Bank account besides the account of your loan product.
  • Payment order (transfer) from another bank account to your loan product account.
  • Simple! Scanning the barcode related to your loan product IBAN code:
    • at Banca Transilvania branches within their working hours;
    • at the automatic payment machines BT Express 24/24h;
    • at the Payment Station SelfPay 24/24h.

You don't have a barcode for your loan product's IBAN? Get one here.


If you choose one of the options above, please be aware that the payment will be seen in the system in the next banking day that follows after the one in which you've made the payment. So, please make sure that you make the payment with at least 24 hours before the due date. 

What are the Payment Stations SelfPay

SelfPay is one of the most extensive networks of self-pay stations where you can choose to pay the installments of your loans or credit cards or the invoices of your utilities.

  • Simple and easy to use: in just a few steps, your payment is done
  • Save time – SelfPay payment stations can even be on your way, find the nearest location
  • No extra charge – this service is free of charge for you

bills payment

Pay your bills on the way home, from SelfPay terminals

If you want to save time and avoid standing in long lines, choose a SelfPay terminal on your way home or to work and use it to quickly pay your bills:

  • mobile/fixed line phone and internet services
  • various utilities

The payment operation is very simple:

  • select the provider you want to pay
  • scan your invoice or enter your customer code
  • enter the amount indicated on the bill plus the fee for using this service

The payment is registered in your provider account within 4 business days from depositing the money in the SelfPay terminal.

The fee for utility bills payment using the SelfPay terminals is 0,6% of the payment, but not less than 5 lei/payment and is displayed on the terminal's screen when making your payment.


Discover all you need to know about SelfPay

Can I cancel a transaction and get my money back?

Transactions can only be cancelled before the payment is made. Once the transaction was successfully completed, it can no longer be cancelled. Only in case of failure contact the SelfPay Customer Service, to ask for refunding in your bank account.

What if the machine is jammed, shows a malfunction or error during my transaction?

Contact SelfPay Customer Service at 021.529.71.01 and one of the operators will solve the problem at the shortest time possible.

What if I pay more than what I owe?

The excess amounts will be available in your current account if you paid an installment on an Salt Bank loan or in your card account if you paid your Credit card installment.

In the case of utility bills, if the amount due on the invoice contains decimals, we recommend you to round it up and enter the total amount resulting from adding the rounded up value of the bill plus the SelfPay fee (RON 3). Any amounts paid extra will reach your utilities provider in your customer account and will be deducted from your next bill.

What if I pay less than what I owe?

The machine will record the amount you entered, and payment will be processed up to the amount you entered.

Thus, in the case of monthly installments, if you pay less than what you owe each month (the monthly loan installment or the minimum amount to be repaid on the credit card) and you don’t manage to deposit the remaining difference in due time (also considering the time necessary to process the operation) you will have arrears and you will pay penalties according to the contract(s) you have signed with Salt Bank.

For utilities bills, if you pay an amount that does not cover the total value of the bill plus the SelfPay fee, you will record arrears with your utilities supplier.

What happens if I only pay the value of the invoice and forget to add the SelfPay fee?

The total amount paid should cover the value of the invoice and the transaction fee (RON 3).

If the amount paid is less than the invoice value or does not cover the RON 3 fee as well, the RON 3 fee will be deducted from the amount you have paid, and the remaining amount will be transferred to the utilities provider. As the amount transferred is less than what you owe, you will record arrears with your utilities supplier you have paid via the SelfPay payment station.

What if the machine does not issue my receipt?

Contact the SelfPay Customer Service at 021.529.71.01 and one of the operators will solve the problem at the shortest time possible.

Where can I find SelfPay payment stations?

SelfPay payment stations are available in supermarkets, hypermarkets, Cash&Carry stores, commercial centers and galleries, food markets, universities and campuses, colleges, high schools and gas stations, convenience stores and are available everyday within locations working hours.

Useful information

Where to find SelfPay payment stations, where to call if you are having difficulty paying?

If you have any difficulty with the SelfPay payment stations, please contact the SelfPay Customer Service 021.529.71.01, available:

Monday to Friday: 9:00 – 21:00;

Saturday, Sunday and legal holidays: 09:00 – 18:00


Find the nearest SelfPay Payment Station here.