Zero lei account opening and closing fee!

If you’re wondering how much a current account will cost you, here is the answer:

  • Account opening fee: 0 lei
  • Monthly account management fee: 5 lei, equivalent in the currency of the account  |  ZERO lei with Activ offer
  • Account closing fee: 0 lei

In addition, the Polish zlotys (PLN) current account will help you enjoy the best exchange rates for this currency and attractive fees for PLN payments.

Useful information

Rates, interest, fees

Please find below:

  • List of tariffs, interest and commissions for individuals.
  • General Terms and Conditions for the operation of banking products and services for individuals.
  • Information for depositors in accordance with Law 311/2015 on Deposit Guarantee Schemes and The Bank Deposit Guarantee Fund (FGDB).
  • Information on basic accounts in lei with basic services.
  • Payment service change information.

You will also find here the BIC/SWIFT codes of Salt Bank and partner banks.