Product changes during the commercial offer review process

Starting with 01.02.2023, during the process of reviewing the commercial offer of products and services, no new additional cards will issued. There will be available only renewals for the cards already issued.


Everything is so simple with the installments program attached to your Idea::shopping card gold!

  • installments with ZERO interest, ANYWHERE in the world (for payments over 200 lei);
  • ZERO commission for issueing and administration for first year
  • card issued under the Mastercard logo - check out the full list of Mastercard campaigns;
  • card automatically enrolled in 3D Secure
  • generous loan limit: up to 40,000 lei
  • grace period with ZERO interest up to 55 days
  • exclusive offers and discounts through Mastercard Premium & Business

Installments program

Have we convinced you? Everything is so simple with the installments program attached to your card:

The installments program has been active until 31.10.2023. Starting with 1st of November, the installments plan is no longer active, without affecting the transactions that were made before this date.


  • between 2 and 12 rates for transactions over 200 lei, at any marchendar, in the store or online, anywhere in the world;
Transaction amount Installments
200 - 500 lei 2
500,01 - 1.000 lei 4
1000,01 lei - 2.000 lei 8
Peste 2.000,01 lei 12
  • minimum payment 5% from of the total payment, but not less than 50 lei;
  • up to 55 days grace period for online transactions or merchants with ZERO interest;
  • you don't want to include certain transactions in the installments program? Simple! Just call *4455 at any time from the moment of the transaction, and one of our consultants will help you;
  • simply refund the amounts used on your credit card in installments:
    • bank transfer or payment via internet banking Idea::iBank;
    • SelfPay payment stations.


Idea::shopping card gold offers you many cost advantages.

  • fixed interest rate: 18% / year
  • commission for using card at mechants: 0 lei
  • full list of standard commissions is available in the Useful for you

Calculation example: For Idea::shopping card gold with a loan limit of 5,367 lei, the interest is 16%/year in the case of the monthly income transfer into an Salt Bank account. The annual effective interest rate (DAE) is 17.23% over a 1 year period and the total payment is 5.832,14 lei. Values ​​were calculated on the assumption that the loan limit is fully utilized by payments lower than 200 lei, immediately after the grant, and repaid in equal monthly installments. The calculation does not refer to the use of loan limit with interest-free installments.

Informații utile

Parcurge cu atenție lista de comisioane.

  • Cardurile Salt Bank au limite de tranzacționare în funcție de tipul de operațiune pentru care le folosești (plăți POS, plăți online sau retragere de numerar). Consultă aici limitele cardului de credit Shopping card gold.
  • Pentru a ne asigura că vei găsi toate detaliile necesare privind cardul de cumpărături Shopping card gold, te rugăm să parcurgi detaliile din lista de comisioane.
  • Te rugăm să consulți și ghidul „Reguli de aur pentru utilizarea cardului”:

Reguli de aur pentru utilizarea cardului